Launch of Nomic Bitcoin Sidechain Testnet v0.1.0

It’s alive!

On December 30th, we launched the v0.1.0 testnet of the Nomic Bitcoin sidechain. This is the first step on our mission: enabling decentralized finance on Bitcoin.

The project is still super early, but the foundations are starting to form. We expect the network to evolve a lot in 2020, but here’s how you can get involved today:

  1. Join the Telegram group
  2. Familiarize yourself with the code, or open a pull request
  3. Run a validator by following this guide
  4. Follow us on Twitter

Testnet v0.1.0

This release is the first testnet built on our new Rust-based Tendermint stack. It follows the same design as our previous TypeScript-based prototype, but with a strong focus on performance and reliability.

This version targets Bitcoin Testnet, and is missing several important features; but you can run it today, and so far the network has operated without issue.

If you’re interested in running a validator, you can follow this guide to join the network now.

Posted on January 21, 2020